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You are aiming at achieving the full potential in communicating with your Arabic-speaking clients, and this is why you have decided to seek a partnership with professional linguists from Arabic Communication Experts (ACE).

In business, getting to know personally the people you collaborate with is as important as understanding your markets. At ACE, we want to get to know you well so that we can provide you with the solutions your business needs. So we take the time to do just that. That enables us to create a strategy that fits with your goals and objectives, time constraints and budgets.

As you venture into the Arab world to open new markets, or improve the performance of existing ones, we will be your personal consultants, looking at regulations, legislation changes and industry trends that might be important to your particular project.

Dima Rashid holds a MA in Translation. With over 16 years of expertise in translating, interpreting, technical writing and cross-cultural communication, she brings a wealth of understanding of the Middle Eastern culture, with a specific focus on the Arab Gulf. She specialises in health and education. Dima Rashid and Sam Berner Sam Berner has over 26 years of work behind her as translator, interpreter, educator, copywriter and cultural awareness trainer. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management. Sam brings with her a deep understanding of Middle Eastern politics, culture and language with a specific focus on North Africa.
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