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In these challenging economic times, you cannot afford but to win. You need the best, and so do we. Arabic Communication Experts are looking for the best, most adventurous clients to work with on building an excellent reputation in overseas markets - your reputation, and ours!

The success of your business venture in the Arab World depends to a large extent on
  • the way you and your Arabic-speaking clients, partners and legislators communicate with each other
  • the extent to which this communication is understood by both sides, and
  • the extent to which this understanding reflects the true intent of what was communicated
Translation is the act of bridging these three functions. It is only one in a series of processes that ensure your successful communication with your market niche, but it is also the most important one. Therefore, it must be done well. At ACE, we will help you plan the language and cultural part of your venture in the Middle East and North Africa. Our involvement will ensure that
  • your marketing materials are sending the correct message (in correct colours, product names and graphics),
  • your representatives have a cushioned “culture shock” on arrival and have learned the appropriate business etiquette,
  • you have a correct understanding of all the contracts and other legislation you may need to sign, because it is translated properly into ENGLISH,
  • that you are communicating your values, ideas and requests properly to your Arabic-speaking counterparts in business, by translating your correspondence into and from Arabic,
  • that you are abreast with what your Arabic-speaking market is saying about your products and services, by researching and translating any reviews or discussions about them.
You planned your entry into the Middle Eastern markets so carefully. Don’t let your planning become unhinged on the language barrier. Talk to us.
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