Typesetting and Desktop Publishing in Arabic

Now that you have all your materials translated by ACE after having benefited from our research services to explore the Middle Eastern market in Arabic media, the time has come to put your strategic materials into print.

At ACE, we know how hard that is. If your graphics designer does not read Arabic, there is a very high probability that they will get things wrong, no matter how qualified they are.


Because Arabic is not just a language. It is an art, and a difficult one. Special software packages are needed to typeset and prepare it for press. It is written from right to left. It has over 20,000 ligatures. Its letters look different depending on where they are located in a word.And it is going to be longer or shorter by about 30 percent than your original English document, depending on the subject.

Do you really want your clients in the Arab World to be reading it in the mirror? Or for your brochure to be refused entry because of inappropriate images? We are here to ensure that they don’t. By providing you with our professional know how, not just graphic, but also cultural, we will ensure that you don’t rub your clients the wrong way.

A correct approach that goes a long way towards creating a positive image in your target market, right?

Are you ready?

Talk to us about meeting your Arabic language communication and marketing needs or for information about the markets you are thinking of expanding into. Lets talk

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